Owner’s instructions

The MIH Watch sports the tried and proven ETA-Valjoux calibre 7750 – an automatic movement whose 40 hour or so power reserve is full after just thirty turns of the crown. Apart from the pusher that controls the stopwatch function, the crown is the MIH Watch’s only operating element. If you have had to wind the watch because it has stopped, or you have travelled to a distant time zone, you must ensure that the AM-PM display is correct – it is located to the left of the day display and takes the form of one (AM) or two (PM) red dots.

Step 1 -  Time / Weekday / AM-PM 

The time is set as with any other mechanical watch: You pull the crown out two stops and turn it either way. Once the time, AM-PM  and day of the week are in sync, you can move onto the month and date, as follows.

Step 2 - date / Month

Pull the crown out one stop and turn it clockwise until the correct date is displayed. Changing the date like this can be carried out any time between 2 AM and 8 PM.

Note: Changing the time backwards will also reverse the date display; however, reversing into the previous month using this method must be avoided.


This stopwatch function can be used to time your boiled egg and so on. Use the second hand as a marker for the position of the minute hand: simply let the second hand sweep round until it has reached the minute hand, then stop it. You will now find it easier to count the elapsed minutes as they move away from the stationary second hand. But it is also perfect for synchronising the watch to the time pips on the radio.


Place your MIH watch on a horizontal surface and align the hour hand with the sun. The midpoint between the line connecting the hour hand and the sun and the 12 o'clock position on the MIH watch indicates approximately south.